Who We Are?

The Mango Committee of the Guatemala Exporters Association –AGEXPORT- includes dynamic exporters with experience in commercialization and production of mango for the international markets.

In AGEXPORT we have currently five exporter companies as members of the Mango Committee, which is a well-organized, trained, and responsible industry. It offers support to producers and enterprises, and guidance for members of the sector. There are five companies authorized to export to United States and have technological advanced hydrothermic water heating and packing mango systems; all exporters ensure high quality of the product by applying Good Agricultural and Manufacturing Practices. Also holds certifications according to the international markets requirements. On 2014 Guatemala exported 5.6 million boxes of fresh mango; the main market destination is United States follow by Europe and Central America. The production is gathering by 230 farms that produce two varieties.

The Mango Industry provides employment for over 15,000 people during season production and 3,000 at the rest of the year.

Given the present demand on international markets the Mango Committee is doing efforts to sustain the competitiveness of the industry through training programs, improvements in technology, development of new varieties, strengthening the phytosanitary program, and promoting the sector by participating in national and international trade fairs.


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